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Hip-Hop culture has always been a source of inspiration for me. What I find incredible about urban cultures is their power to bring people together and therefore to bind them. This unifying force is found in the values of the movement: Peace, Unity, Love and Having fun. A slogan that has, moreover, given meaning to my life and my choices. Today, I continue to bring this culture to life through my artistic and professional projects.



At the end of the 80's, I discover the fashion of Hip-Hop dance which I abandon very quickly. After a few years without dancing, I start again in 96 with my little brother. We train in the garbage rooms of our building. Louab, a member of the group TKS will transmit us his knowledge. I was initiated to various styles of Hip-Hop dance. But my style of preference remains the breakdance.



  • 2005 : Member of CREW 2 BILDÉ (various national and international battles, winner of the French Cup 2009...)


  • 1996 : Hip-Hop dancer and member of the FREE-STYLE Company (91).


I set up my first association : YAPA (Agir pour l'Avenir) in Brétigny-sur-orge in the district where I live, which will become H2G (Hip-Hop De Gif). The objective of my association is the promotion of urban cultures.


In 2001 the Chevry 2 Club of Gif-Sur-Yvette offered me a job as a dance teacher. I accept. A few years later, I moved to Gif.



  • 1997 : Creation of my first association YAPA


  • 2007 : YAPA evolves and becomes H2G


One day I told Emilie from my crew about my desire to open my own dance studio. She simply answered me: "Do it". So, with the help of my friends and family, I opened my first dance studio at Taillis Bourdrie in Gometz-La-Ville, then a second one. Today my project is to succeed in having my own place.



  • 2015 : Opening of a second dance studio in Taillis Bourdrie in Gometz-La-Ville (+150 students registered (H2G).


  • 2009 : Opening of a first dance studio at Taillis Bourdrie in Gometz-La-Ville (60 students at the opening (H2G).)


One thing led to another, I joined various dance troupes. My knowledge of dance allowed me to become a jury and presenter of different battles.


  • Presenter for battle Baltic session (Estonia)

  • WPS (Dourdan)

  • Casa Musicale (Perpignan)

  • Fête de Bayonne and Beat Street Day (Bayonne)


My artistic fibre has led me to create many shows. They have been performed by various companies, some of which I founded such as H2G Crew and the Compagnie d'Ici à Là-bas.



  • 2019: Opening ceremony of the 50th anniversary Congress of the Groupe des Mousquetaires in Paris La Défense Arena

  • 2017 : "NOUS" of the Compagnie d'Ici à Là-bas

  • 2012 : Closing ceremony of the World Twirling Championships


With a wealth of experience, I have acquired a wide range of technical (lighting, video, sound), logistical and scenographic skills. I coordinate teams and participate in the smooth running of events.


I have worked for Redbull (Dernier Mot at the Trianon de Paris, Dance Your Style at the Club Haussmann), Pay The Cost (International Hip-Hop Dance Battle), various theatres, etc.


Passionate about music since I was a teenager, I have honed my musical ear and skills by listening to various musical styles. I created a DJ collective, where each one has his own musical style, but adapts to the eclectic demands of the clients.


I have mixed for many types of events in France and abroad, for professionals and individuals.


  • DJ for UNSS battles (91/95)

  • La Morea Battle Pamplona since 2017 (Spain)

  • Beat Street Day since 2017 (Bayonne)

  • Local Battles in Ile-de-France


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