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Période de précommande terminée.

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You're probably already familiar with this phrase, which I usually attach to all my posts. When I started sharing thoughts, questions or videos on social networks, many comments and debates emerged, sometimes turning simple trivia into endless headaches.


It was from this point on that I got into the habit of noting  
« À MÉDITER... »

It allows us to draw attention to uncommon, very diverse subjects, from the simplest to the most complicated. This expression, which has been used over and over again, now sticks to my mind. Three years ago, with the help of Mélanie and Coline, I created the logo "à méditer", which represents the alliance between the brain and the heart. Then Anne and Maï Lan joined the team, with their expertise in styling and clothing design.

The "À MÉDITER" brand has also been designed to support charities in various fields (social, medical, solidarity, animal, ecological...). It will also be a real support in all my projects.

Je lance aujourd’hui les premières pièces, des sweat-shirts noir et blanc, brodés du logo « À MÉDITER... ». Suivront bientôt des séries avec thématique et bien d’autres surprises. Je vous invite à méditer avec moi en vous offrant un sweat en précommande.


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